Just some lines from the deepest part of…

I am moving… and I am going to overcome the most difficult period  in my life! Yes, I can! I am trying, I am focusing , I am preparing. But is that all enough ? for me and for ‘you’. I will really miss you, I miss my past, my ex and I love my present- with ya.

Above lines of confusion are not necessary a part of my life, but how can I get rid of it? Writing down those lines bcoz of listening some Christmas songs on YouTube, looking at some pictures…and watching my friend’s video on youtube…makes me seem to be  stupid, so stupid…so confused! Does it exist somewhere around here? I’d better know! I know, but… just sometimes. Sorry for my poor english, sorry for this ‘speaking-style’ writing.  I really don’t wana practice english at all. No, not at all. just wana be crazy , wana go back, no… wana get something which i aimed!

just being sad. I can feel it!


~ by Hiep on November 24, 2009.

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