Scan virus from Dos

There are many cases in which we can not remove virus totally in Windows enviroment 🙂 so in that cases I usually scan & remove virus from Dos.

All I have to do is:

1. Making  a bootable floppy disk or USB or CD or Dos boot menu [ in case you made it when install Windows] – whatever can help you boot and get a Dos enviroment.

2. Go to: and then download sdatxxxx.exe [xxxx is the version 🙂 ]

3. After downloading, extract it to a folder [choose a simple name so you can easy to type quickly ] . For example: anti

4.   Booting, get into Dos enviroment then use  cd command to reach the folder you name as step 3. For example: cd anti

5.  …anti> scan.exe [type scan.exe to let the program start — in this tut I use Mcafee]

6. scan and remove virus!

Now you get ur solution, but it’s important to use a good anti-virus app to protect ur comp after that. And remember to keep it up to date!


~ by Hiep on February 28, 2008.

One Response to “Scan virus from Dos”

  1. thanks for this tip. i have a win7 crash where it will boot to splash screen, but not to login, this happens in safe mode as well. i have system restore turned off, and system repair will not help fix. so i choose to run some scans on the system.

    i appreciate the tut!

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