Some should-be-disable services in XP

Windows is my first OS, I like the way they make it be a user-friendly OS, which most normal end users do need. With Windows XP & Server 2003 OS, I got my first certificate MCSA – an important point in my life. ­čÖé …


You are a normal Windows end user ? And ur computer becomes slower & slower after a time of using ? You also tried to clean the HDD, use third-party software to tweak the OS etc… yea! but nothing improved. ­čśÉ I used to be in that situation too & the trick I did is disable some default services in Windows:

1. Hold Windows key and press R [Windows key + R] => Cmd box will open.

2. Type “services.msc” [without the quote mark “” ] into Cmd box then Enter

3. Find these below services [follow below picture] :(Click on the picture to enlarge)

Note that these services should be disable or not is depended on your own need, if you don’t wana use them, you can disable them without worrying [nothing will harm your comp :-)]┬á This small trick will help your comp run faster and using less RAM than before.

Disable these services

Enjoy the speed with your Windows OS!


~ by Hiep on February 20, 2008.

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