Using Tor in Ubuntu | Torify our life

I really like Tor, I m completely satisfied with the anonymity Tor brings about. Tor is good…yea though it’s still crackable by experts. Using Tor n some other ways, you could hope that no one might knows who you are on the Internet.

Here you can find out more about the Tor Network.

Here is the way you install & config Tor on Ubuntu.


  1. sudo aptitude install tor
  2. sudo vim /etc/tor/torrc
  3. sudo vim /etc/privoxy/config
  4. comment out: “logfile logfile” and “jarfile jarfile”
  5. find: listen-address
  6. add (on next line): forward-socks4a / localhost:9050 . (including the period)
  7. sudo /etc/init.d/tor restart && sudo /etc/init.d/privoxy restart
  8. configure your network to now use Tor and Privoxy.

That is a pretty quick setup for getting the engine to work, now to actually use it. This can be used globally if set in your network proxy config (System > Preferences > Network Proxy) or individually by program that allows proxy configuration.

Firefox Setup / Global Network Proxy Settings:

  1. Edit > Preferences > Advanced > “Connection”
  2. HTTP and SSL Proxy: localhost: 8118
  3. SOCKS Host: localhost 9050

Or for an even simpler method simply download the Tor Plugin for Firefox. It allows you to turn on / off the Tor proxy with a click of a button. On the other hand, you can use FoxyProxy addons to get a all-in-one proxy changing solution.

For gaim:

  1. Edit any account (Jabber, MSN, etc)
  2. “Advanced” Tab or “Proxy Settings” (depending on your version of gaim)
  3. Proxy Type: SOCKS 5
  4. Host:
  5. Port: 9050
  6. Done

For IRC (freenode) over gaim:

  1. Edit your IRC account settings
  2. change “” to: mejokbp2brhw4omd.onion
  3. “Advanced” Tab or “Proxy Settings” (depending on your version of gaim)
  4. Proxy Type: SOCKS 5
  5. Host:
  6. Port: 9050

Enjoy using the Tor Privacy network!


~ by Hiep on February 18, 2008.

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